This chart is based on the leaflet that comes with the Platinum Ice Mixing kit.

As I understand this, flavouring can be done in many forms, if mixing, for safety reasons, I'd assume that mixing the drops of flavouring to desired taste before you then add it to the platinum ice is more preferable, as any other method would like dilute the nicotine content, though I may be wrong.

Platinum Ice Mixing Kit Strength Guide
Drops of Nic Flavouring drops Drops of PV/PG Approx Strength
20 drops 7 drops 3 drops 36 mg
13 drops 7 drops 10 drops 24 mg
9 drops 7 drops 14 drops 18 mg
6 drops 7 drops 17 drops 11 mg
4 drops 7 drops 19 drops 8 mg

I just wanted to post the MIXTURE FORMULA for fellow DIY'rs:


Just plug in whatever numbers you know and solve for the unknown variable. PM me @ TW if you need assistance - LittleRedDot

Disclaimer and cautionary note: Liquid nicotine is a toxic product, Totally Wicked's Platinum ICE kit comes with CHIP compliant packaging which details the hazards involved, but a recap is present here: If you spill on your skin, rinse immediately, don't wipe. Nicotine in this form is easily absorbed by the skin as it is the same grade used in patches for smokers trying to quit. Do not flush this down the drain, it is harmful to aquatic environments. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN

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