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After trawling about on the many internet forums for eliquid mixing, an idea cropped up about having a store for e-liquid recipes. Since forums are a lil scatter brained at times I suggested a wiki for putting things into an organised manner, and thus, this wiki was formed. Should it prove popular I will download the db and move it to a less advertised locale but for now wikia seemed the best and cheapest bet.

In time you will find mixing guides here for use with the Platinum Ice kits, Liberty-Flights/Flavourart Juice liquids, and of course others too, from users who cut their liquids with others, such as the Cherry Menthol mix I'd seen around.

Remember though, this wiki is for use by all, so if you have a mixing recipe you'd like to share, login and write it up, tips, tricks, any lil tidbits to improve the mimicry of whatever real flavour you are attempting to accomplish. Share with the world, and the world will share with you!

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New items being added all the time, check out the new 'Tiramisu/Tobacco Blend' posted by LittleRedDot. :)

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